Hard Worker For Unemployed

Many youths have lost their jobs due to this epidemic, due to which they are facing many problems. Because of this problem, the countrys economy is falling day by day due to which inflation is touching the sky. Apart from this, the condition of the elderly also remains miserable as most of the elderly are being affected by this epidemic, due to which many people have lost their lives. Amandeep Singh Bakshi, in the midst of this epidemic, has given all possible help to the unemployed so that he can earn living and take care of his family.
However, even before this disease, he has helped the unemployed and the elderly, which is a virtuous work. Mr. Singh is a member of BJP Yuva Morcha Rajouri Garden, who has done everything possible to help the people, which is very great. Where people are running away from each other in this epidemic, they went ahead and provided free ration, medicines, and financial help to the people so that no one would feel alone in this difficult time. Along with this, he went door-to-door to listen to the problems of the people and also provided all possible help whether it was from money or ration.

Supporting For Economical Weaker In The Marriage

Half of India’s population is still poor due to which it is unable to give bright future to its children. Due to this, neither their children can read nor can they dream big but many people in our country have come forward to help these people. One of which is also the name of Amandeep Singh Bakshi. He is supporting for economical weaker section in the marriage of their daughter on his own expense so that parents do not consider them a burden. In today’s era, there are leaders like these who think about their people more than themselves. The whole country is in need of such great people so that no person feels helpless due to being poor.

Supporting In Education Section

Mr. Amandeep Singh also pay the college fees of the poor students so that they can raise their family from poverty and brighten their future. He has supported such people in every way, be it financially or physically. Mr. Singh’s dream is that no person should be poor, so he gives all possible help for the education of students so that he too can illuminate the name of his parents. If you are thinking that the fees of students are given only once, then there is nothing like that. They pay students fees every year and also encourage them to move forward so that they can do better in every field.

Great Human that help People in Financial Crisis

As we know that people lost everything in this epidemic. Someone’s family and someone’s job.
Overall people have lost a lot of theirs. We have also seen many situations when labourers walked from city to village on foot, in which many small children were also involved. Not only is India struggling with this disease, but the condition of the entire world is similar. But many hands have also come forward to help in this phase, who have provided full help. One of these names is Mr. Amandeep Singh who has provided a lot of help in this disaster. In this time, he has provided the facility of free food grains to the people in need so that no hungry person sleeps.Apart from this, they have also distributed medicines so that people can be safe even in this epidemic. In addition, they have also provided support in many other ways so that you can stay safe. In this situation, Amandeep Singh Bakshi has provided all possible help so that people do not face any kind of trouble which is great work.

Large share of earnings in the name of NGOs

Many organizations are present to help the poor, one of which is Baru Sahib which is good for the helpless. They provide infrastructure, curriculum and systems in their schools. These schools become sustainable in 3-5 years depending on the availability of their places and resources. This ensures longevity and growth. Apart from this, these NGOs also work in the health care sector, including medical camps, drug rehabilitation, disaster relief programs. It is also empowering women in the School of Spiritual Sciences for Girls, Akal Rozgar Yojana and Primary Teacher Training Academy.

The main objective of Kalgidhar society, Baru Sahib, is to challenge community conflicts and empower the community. To help this organization, Aman Bakshi, a member of the BJP Yuva Morcha Rajouri Garden, gives them a fixed amount every month so that he can provide proper arrangements to the helpless and poor people. Due to their generous work, people still feel safe. This ensures that humanity remains in the society even today. In today's modern era, people do not have to roam from here to there for financial help. This has been possible only and only with the help of people like Amandeep Singh. All the works that he has done are very commendable and admirable.